Veera Simha Reddy

Veera Simha Reddy Telugu Movie in iBOMMA. In this post is Veera Simha Reddy Telugu Movie Related information providing post. This movie is Telugu peoples searching and favourite movie in Telugu Cinema Audience. In this Movie release 12 January 2023.


Balayya’s mastery of public appeal may be compared to a degree in acting devastation. A knife becomes fatigued if it strikes someone. Babu Naruku is an automobile without brakes if it begins. The same Utukudu and the same Narukudu appear in “Veerasimha Reddy.” Violence followed.

The mass biryani made in honour of Gopichand Malineni Balayani, who got on everyone’s nerves, was served up to the masala enthusiasts. Particularly for fans. Gopichand portrayed Balayya on film in a way that appealed to the audience since he is a fan of the character as well.

Balayya’s faction flicks follow a set format in which he chooses the route of factionalism and then inspires others around him to shift.

Faction’s narrative is comparable to Balayya’s Poonakam. But the narrative doesn’t matter all that much in the movie “Veerasimha Reddy.” It appears that a mass biryani was solely made for the general public and Balayya supporters. The first part of the film features Jai’s introduction, his love for Esha (Shruti Haasan), and the events that result in their marriage.

The initial events of the tale flow naturally. However, the actual narrative begins when Jai discovers through his mother that his father Veerashivareddy is still alive. Following Veerasimha Reddy’s entrance, the narrative gains up momentum and returns to its original plot. The world of “Veerasimha Reddy” is comparable to what would occur if a ravenous lion were imprisoned for a long time before being let go to hunt.


Directed byGopichand Malineni
Written byGopichand Malineni
Produced byNaveen YerneniY. Ravi Shankar
StarringNandamuri Balakrishna Honey Rose Shruti Haasan Varalaxm Sarathkumar Duniya Vijay
CinematographyRishi Punjabi
Edited byNaveen Nooli
Music byS. Thaman
Mythri Movie Makers
Release date12 January 2023 (India)
Running time172 minutes
Budget₹110 crore

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The script was excellent, and the filmmaker deserves praise for it. However, the second half drags a bit. There are several slowdowns throughout the second half. The plot should have received more of the director’s attention because it may add intrigue to the movie.

To improve the viewing experience, several parts in the flashback episode should be cut. Rishi Punjabi’s camerawork and Thaman’s music deserve attention. They did amazing job, which contributed to the movie being fantastic. Additionally, the art section gives it everything. You can notice the high-quality production values on the huge screen.

Overall, Veera Simha Reddy is a passable action movie with all the necessary commercial components to please Balakrishna fans. Both Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Balakrishna provide astounding performances as Veera Simha Reddy.

The second half is largely disappointing; if it had been as interesting as the first, the movie would have been a box office smash. Fans will like it, and action fans will find it to be a decent experience. Watch it this Sankranthi to take in the Balayya crowd.