Kalyanam Kamaneeyam

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Telugu Movie in iBOMMA. In this post is Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Telugu Movie Related information providing post. This movie is Telugu peoples searching and favourite movie in Telugu Cinema Audience. In this Movie release Date:14 January 2023.

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie Review in iBOMMA

Story: The elders marry Siva (Santosh Shobhan), a BTech graduate without a job, and Shruti (Priya Bhavani Shankar), an IT worker. financially helps Shiva, who is looking for work. Shiva, however, doesn’t acquire a job despite his best efforts, leading Shruti to question his abilities. The left face begins to appear drab.

There is a prospect of employment if you pay 10 lakhs to a consulting firm. That sum of money will be borrowed. Shiva is caught in the thief’s trap as he approaches to withdraw the money. He tells Shruti he enrolled as a cab driver and obtained employment. She breaks up and departs when he recognises her as a cab driver.

The plot of a short film that belongs on direct-to-OTT rather than the big screen. Despite being less than two hours long, the tale is not compelling enough for a motion picture. The plot will remain compelling if a compelling conflict is developed early on.

The tale doesn’t even start until the end of the second half, when the minimal tension that does exist (the break-up when it is revealed that he is a cab driver) is put up. In the final 10 minutes, the plot that begins with that tiny non-conflict is resolved. In this way, the middle matash, which wasn’t appropriate for the movie other than the short movie, was turned into a script.

Details iBOMMA

Directed byAnil Kumar Aalla
Written byAnil Kumar Aalla
Produced byUV Concepts
StarringSantosh Shoban Priya Bhavani Shankar
CinematographyKarthik Gattamneni
Edited bySatya G.
Music bySravan Bharadwaj
UV Concepts
Release date14 January 2023

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Overall, the Kalyanam Kamaniyam movie starring Santhosh Shobhan and Priya Bhavanishankar won’t completely dazzle the viewers. Some enjoyable elements of the film are the performances of the major characters, the hero and heroines, two songs, the graphics in a few sequences, and its brief running time.

The primary story’s ability to dull the viewers thanks to the direction of Anil Kumar has turned into a major negative. This weekend would have been a delight if he had given the movie more enjoyable parts, but regrettably the movie slipped from being acceptable to being a below average feature.