Top Gear

Top Gear Telugu Movie in iBOMMA. In this post is Top Gear Telugu Movie Related information providing post. This movie is Telugu peoples searching and favourite movie in Telugu Cinema Audience. In this Movie release Date: 30 Dec 2022.

Top Gear Review in Telugu

I’ll now get to the narrative. Large-scale drug dealer Siddharth (Mime Gopi) intends to flee to Singapore. And for this planned agreement, he would travel to Hyderabad. Arjun (Adi Saikumar), on the other hand, recently got married and works as a cab driver.

Yet when he suddenly becomes involved in this drug trade, Next is forced to follow the criminals’ orders in order to keep his wife Adhya safe (Riya Suman). And how is he going to escape this scam? Can he succeed in rescuing his wife? This movie must be watched on the big screen in order to determine if the gang will succeed or fail.

It must be acknowledged that Aadi Saikumar is flourishing in his movie. He developed positive feelings as a cab driver and a spouse in this film as well. He had a respectable appearance as well. Rhea Suman, an actress, made a strong impression in a strong performance.

Through their characters in the movie, Satyam Rajesh, Brahmaji, and others have made an impression. Moreover, the film is impressive in several areas. Some sequences have strong intrigue, while others excel at revealing subtle details and unexpected turns. Also, the first half is engaging even if the drug trafficking scenes are interesting.


Directed byShashikanth
Produced byK. V. Sridhar Reddy
Main CastAadi Saikumar, Riya Suman
Music byHarshavardhan Rameshwar
CinematographyKarthik Ghattamaneni
Editing byPrawin Pudi
Production CompanyAditya Movies & Entertainment
DistributorAditya Movies & Entertainment

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