Raangi movie in iBOMMA. In this Article is the Raangi 2023 Telugu Movie Related Information providing place. Telugu Peoples popular Movie information website on iBomma. Trisha, a famous actress, has been in films for 20 years. She has a long history of acting in films with strong female leads. She is engaging the audience by taking on suspenseful and exciting parts. She most recently had a significant part in “Ponniyin Selvan.” Rangi, her most recent action-packed thriller in Tamil, is currently available on Netflix.

Reporter is now streaming “Rangi” in Telugu with Telugu audio. Murugadoss, a well-known director, wrote the script for it. Saravanan was the director. by the renowned Lyca Productions. It is a touching love story with terrorism in it. Let’s see how quality-conscious viewers respond to this film.

Raangi Movie Review

Reporter Rudra Shivangi (Trisha) works for a digital magazine. She had the lion’s dream in Annavadinelaki. Outside, it is the same. Anna is a journalist as well. However, it is thought that journalism too perished with its parent. It is infuriating that there are currently just political fights being reported on when it comes to public concerns. One day, she discovers that a teenager named Aleem (Abdumalikov), who works for a terrorist group in Tunisia, has a false Facebook account created in the name of her 16-year-old niece Sushmita (Anaswara Rajan). Aleem, 17, thought Sushmithe was speaking with him and fell in love with her.

Aleem, who is shooting himself with a dangerous weapon in Tunisia, sends a photo of his position when Shivangi asks for the location while speaking with this account. Ten minutes later, he detonates two automobiles that are passing. In those automobiles are two American specialists. To drill oil wells, they travelled to Libya. With this assault, FBI agents go into the area, find Shivangi, and take him into custody. The rest of the story revolves around how Shivangi became emotionally involved with Aleem’s anti-imperialist struggle in their country, whether she decided to work against Aleem or take a chance with the FBI plan to catch Aleem through Sushmita.


Directed byM. Saravanan
Written byM. Saravanan
A. R. Murugadoss
Produced byAllirajah Subaskaran
Anaswara Rajan
Bekzod Abdumalikov
CinematographyK. A. Sakthivel
Edited byM. Subarak
Music byC. Sathya
Lyca Productions
Distributed byLyca Productions
Release date30 December 2022
Running time121 min

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Over all the movie Raangi is a good choice for viewing with your family on the weekend.