Malikappuram Telugu Movie in iBOMMA. In this post is Malikappuram Telugu Movie Related information providing post. This movie is Telugu peoples searching and favourite movie in Telugu Cinema Audience. In this Movie release Date: 30 Dec, 2022.

Malikappuram Review in Telugu

When it comes to the narrative, Shannu (Deva Nanda), a young girl, has been worshipping Lord Ayyappa since she was eight years old. She then requests that her father visit Sabarimala to see Ayyappa. Yet, this procedure has some unanticipated effects on his family.

After this, Shanu chooses to accompany her brother Bujji to Sabarimala (Sripati). Nevertheless, there is a group that kidnaps young children as well. Will they also visit these kids? What part does Ayyappan (Unni Mukundan) play in this movie? To understand what this film does, you must watch it.

The movie’s main protagonists all carry themselves well throughout the whole thing. And it may be claimed that Master Deva Nanda is one of the film’s standout characters among them. With her incredible performance as the innocent Shannu, this young girl is amazing. His protagonist serves as the focal point of the entire film. This young lady is captivating in such a significant position. She excels in a variety of emotional moments. This young woman will undoubtedly succeed as an actor.

In this movie, Bujji should be compared to Sripath, who travels with Shannu’s character. His performance in the film is funny. His comic timing makes for some enjoyable chuckles. He did an excellent job portraying the responsible older brother.


Directed byVishnu Sasi Sankar
Written byAbhilash Pillai
Produced byNeeta PintoPriya Venu
StarringUnni Mukundan
CinematographyVishnu Narayanan
Edited byVishnu Sasi Shankar
Music byRanjin Raj
Ann Mega Media Release, Kavya Films
Release date30 December 2022 (India)


No.TitleLyricsMusicVideo Songs
1.“Ganapathi Thunayaruluka”Santhosh VarmaRanjin RajClick
2.“Nangelipoove”BK HarinarayananRanjin RajClick
3.“Harivarasanam” (Re-arranged by Ranjin Raj)original lyricistRanjin Raj (rearranged)Click
4.“Ambadi Thumbi”Santhosh VarmaRanjin RajClick

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